Weight Gain During Pregnancy

The amount of weight you should gain during your pregnancy is dependent on your pre-pregnancy weight. All women will have a higher metabolism and burn more calories while pregnant than they did before they were pregnant.

Remember, we follow a trend in weight gain and different things can affect one measurement. Time of day, what you’ve eaten that day, and fluid retention can all affect weight measurements.

Below we have presented general guidelines on ACOG recommendations for weight gain. If you have questions about this, discuss this with your physician at your next appointment.


Weight status

Weight gain in pounds

Underweight (BMI < 19)


Normal weight (BMI 19-24)


Overweight (BMI 25-29)


Obese (BMI >30)


Multiple gestation pregnancy



BMI Calculator: If you do not know you BMI, please visit the following website from the National Institutes of Health to calculate: