Breast Tenderness

This is a very common symptom of early pregnancy.  Because of the hormones that are now being made in excess, the breasts commonly are very tender to the touch.  As with the fatigue, this typically improves after the first trimester.  However, the breasts may continue to grow in size as the breast tissue prepares for milk production.  A few things that may help your symptoms include:

  • Wear only bras that are properly fit.  As the breasts grow, you may go up in bra size.  You can consider purchasing maternity bras designed for breast feeding if this is something you plan to do after delivery.
  • Wear a sports bra or a bra designed for exercise when you work out.
  • Try sleeping in a cotton sleep bra.
  • Consider buying a bra that is a couple of sizes larger than you need at the moment. This will allow you to grow into it.