Billing & Insurance

Aventa Specialized Women’s Care accepts patients with most insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider to determine your insurance eligibility. A Member Services phone number is listed on your insurance identification card. Below is a list of common providers with links to their Contact Us page.

In the event we do not participate in your insurance plan, we can provide you with the necessary information to obtain reimbursement for your services according to your policy’s limits.

To ensure that your insurance paperwork is processed correctly, please bring the following insurance information for each visit:

  • A current copy of your insurance card,
  • Policyholder’s name and address
  • Your relationship to the policyholder
  • Contract number, certificate number, and/or group number
  • Name and billing address of insurance company
  • Telephone number of insurance company
  • Effective date of insurance coverage
  • Employer information (if this is an employee benefit program)

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to inform us of any insurance plan or coverage changes.