Back Pain

Back pain is a very common pregnancy complaint and only very rarely something to worry about in pregnancy. There are a number of reasons you may experience back pain in pregnancy:

▪ The uterus has grown substantially larger and can change your center of gravity. Additionally, the abdominal wall muscles are often stretched and slightly weaker. It is normal for your posture to change, putting a strain on these muscles.

▪ Pregnancy hormones relax the ligaments of the joints in the pelvis which may cause back pain.

What can I do to help or prevent back pain:

▪ Wear flat shoes with good arch support

▪ Do not lift heavy objects and do not bend at the waist to pick things up. Squat down, bend from the knees, and lift with your legs.

▪ Apply a heating pad to the back. Do not sleep with this on.

▪ Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs

▪ Have someone put a board under your mattress if it is too soft. A firm mattress will provide better support

▪ Be careful with your weight gain. The more weight you gain during your pregnancy, the more strain you will put on your back and stomach.

▪ Wear a maternity belt to help support the abdomen. This will gently lift the stomach without squeezing the baby!

▪ For exercises you can try, please go to:

When should I call:

▪ Call for back pain that is acute or severe

▪ Back pain with associated fever, chills, or painful urination

▪ Back pain associated with regular contractions