Decreases in Fetal Movement

It is not uncommon to feel less movement as the pregnancy progresses. This is normal as the baby grows and as the fluid around the baby lessens.

If you have not felt the baby move, or have noted a change in movements, the first thing to try is something called a “kick count,” which can be performed at home. What to do:

1. Drink or eat something sweet.

2. Lie down in a quiet room on your side.

3. Count the number of times the baby moves in one hour. This includes big movements like kicks and little flutters. Realize the baby has sleep cycles that last 20-40 minutes, so do not be alarmed if you have a lapse in movement.

4. You should notice about ten movements in one to two hours. If you do not notice this many, call the office.

If you become concerned that there is a change in the movement of the baby, do not hesitate to call the office.