Uterine Fibrosis

You May Qualify For A Clinical Research Study

Who can participate?

• Women ages 18 and over with no major health problems
• Must suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding due to uterine fibrosis
• Not planning to become pregnant in the next two years

Do you suffer from heavy or long menstrual bleeding? If yes, you may have uterine fibrosis.

Introducing a research study to test whether an investigational drug that targets specific female hormones could help women with heavy bleeding due to fibrosis.

Why participate?

• There is a need for more effective and well-tolerated treatments for heavy bleeding due to fibrosis. Current medical treatments are limited in duration, and long-term options are mainly surgical.
• You may be able to contribute to scientific developments that may lead to new treatment options.

What can you expect?

• Study duration of approximately 85 weeks with up to 13 in-clinic visits, plus calls as needed
• Study medication is an oral tablet taken daily for up to 52 weeks
• Study related procedures include: Vital signs, blood draws, physical and gynecological exams by the study physician, bone mineral density, testing and questionnaires
• Monitoring of your health by a study physician during the clinical study
• Use of an electronic diary (we will provide this to you) to keep track of your daily bleeding
• Qualified participants will be compensated for time and travel expenses
• Study-related care, tests, study medication and sanitary protection will be provided to participants at no cost.

You do not need health insurance to participate